Twenty Two Treatments

NEW: Neck & Head Relief|30/60mins|£60/£120

Using slow and precise pressure to relax the nervous system, this treatment tackles the tension built up through everyday activities such as typing, scrolling, lifting bags. 

Muscle Hydration | Shoulders & Back Massage | 30/60min | £60/£120

Deliberate and smooth massage of the muscle and fascia. This treatment aims to re-establish the flow of the soft tissue, bringing warmth and flexibility into the muscle whilst assisting with the body's natural removal of toxins that can accumulate following exercise and stress.

Align Yourself | Hips & Thighs | 30/60min | £60/£120

This treatment focuses on the muscles of the hips and thighs to create better posture and decrease tension that can build as a result of muscular imbalance.

Spine Re-boot | Specialist Lower Back Pain | 30min | £60

Detailed attentive treatment of the lower back and glutes to address areas of stress and tension that often form deep in the lower back. This technique is specifically designed to move at the speed your body will respond to. Think massage but in slow motion, melting down areas of restricted tissue.

Stretch Your Mind | Head & Neck Massage | 30/60min | £60/£120

Target the tension. Combat the effects of everyday living with a treatment targeting the muscles of the upper neck, shoulders and head. Gentle and smooth pressure that helps to relieve the feeling of pressure and stiffness around the head and neck.

Mind Re-Set |Hypnotherapy| 60min | £120

As hard as you work to perfect the body, if the mind is not balanced and receptive - this will always be a barrier to achieving your goals. Hypnotherapy is an effective way of quietening the negative voices that hold you back and in turn giving yourself permission to succeed. 

Acu-Pain Relief |Acupuncture | £120

A great treatment for pain or discomfort. Using classic eastern medicine techniques, fine acupuncture needles will be used to help reduce pain and promote inner wellbeing at the same time. 

Migraine Rescue Remedy | Specialist Migraine | 30min | £60

Subtle and focused treatment targeting the smaller muscles at the base of the head and top of neck. This treatment aims to promote circulation and improve the mobility of the soft tissue structures of the neck right from their origin, assisting with reducing the symptoms of migraines, headaches and neck pain.

Miboso treatment | £120

Your body can do anything it's just your brain you have to convince - This powerful combination of our most restorative treatments will bring ease and comfort to both your mind and body. We recommend our clients kick off a new lifestyle regime with this treatment.