Twenty Two Training

Unique, Bespoke, Personal

Our approach

Dalton and his elite team create body and mind plans perfectly designed to attain your targets. Twenty Two’s fitness coaches and therapists work in unity to discover the right ways for you to maintain your optimum body shape, fitness and lifestyle.


Dalton Wong has just released his own mini band series based on his clients amazing results at Twenty Two Training. The mini band is versatile and has several different exercises that can help tone, strengthen and improve your general health, especially for those who have a limited amount of time or space.

Our 360 degree of health

Twenty Two gives you a totally bespoke service with a 360 degree approach to health and well-being. The journey involves all aspects of a clients’ life from exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, mental and emotional well-being for a complete lifestyle offering.  


Train with the best

Twenty Two’s tailored service offer in-house performance coaches, therapists, kinesiologists, Reiki practitioners and nutritionists, as well as yoga instructors. We develop unparalleled personal programmes in which exercise, nutrition and lifestyle are synergised to create a holistic, feel-good strategy that meets all your targets. Twenty Two supports our clients 24 hours a day; we’re by your side for the whole journey.

George Ashwell - Performance Coach

Our Therapies

Twenty Two Therapies offers a hands-on approach to resolving a host of physical, emotional and lifestyle concerns. With their unique combination of evidence-based techniques, they target the underlying cause, not just the symptoms, all of which are carried out in well-appointed treatment suites.

The feelgood philosophy is simple

'When you feel good about yourself you look your best'. Learn how to achieve a happier and healthier life with Twenty Two's Dalton Wong.  Available to purchase now from Amazon.

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