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Dalton Wong, the UK’s leading personal trainer and founder of Twenty Two – London’s most exclusive private-member wellness gym – introduces Twenty Two Therapies, a holistic treatment space created by Dalton and his team of expert therapists and wellbeing practitioners.

Twenty Two Therapies offers a hands-on approach to resolving a host of physical, emotional and lifestyle concerns. With their unique combination of evidence-based techniques, our therapists target the underlying issues and not just the symptoms. All therapies are carried out in our new, well-appointed treatment suites.

Designed exclusively by Dalton and his expert team, Twenty Two Therapies sees the introduction of re-balancing and realigning treatments targeting specific problem areas such as the jaw, neck, lower back, hip and thighs. Using an innovative, slow fascial-release stroking technique, these treatments address the connective tissue, which has long been highlighted as a major contributing factor to the onset of chronic pain, ageing and dehydration. Connective tissue, made up of collagen in various forms, allows the soft tissues of the human body to maintain elasticity and form and, until now, there have been few treatments available that specialise in targeting this system.

Upper Back, Neck & Jaw Rebalancing Therapy

This fascial treatment has been specially designed to target the upper back, neck and jaw area: the places where we hold stress in the body. It is imperative to ensure that all three parts work in harmony and allow our body to distribute mechanical stress efficiently, but modern, desk-bound lifestyles mean that this is where the body…

Hips & Thighs Rebalancing Therapy

There are a multitude of issues and concerns involving the hips and thighs, including flexibility, pain, toning or strength. In order to improve function and form of this area, the structural soft tissues that facilitate the movement and activation of muscles, blood vessels, nerves and fascia require focused treatment.

Combination Therapy

A bespoke combination treatment, incorporating hypnotherapy, massage and/or acupuncture, taking care of physical and emotional concerns. A treatment might focus on specific musculoskeletal injuries, be a restorative, cortisol reduction treatment, and/or deal with emotional or behavioural problems.

Signature Body Therapy

This treatment will leave you feeling unwound and relaxed. Designed by Dalton’s expert therapists, this bespoke combination of massage, relaxation techniques, soft tissue revitalisation and hands-on physiotherapy covers the entire body from head to toe. The therapists can use their expert…

Injury Rehab Therapy

The Twenty Two team are specialists in acute pain and inflammation management, functional rehabilitation and chronic pain. This covers the entire journey of an injury and uses physiotherapy, sports therapy, Kinesio-taping and fascial release techniques.

Twenty Two Hypnotherapy

As hard as you work to perfect the body, if the mind is not balanced and receptive – if chronic levels of stress are present – this will always be a barrier to achieving any fitness or lifestyle goals. Hypnotherapy is an effective way of quietening the negative voices that hold…

Twenty Two Acupuncture

An excellent treatment for pain, rooted in Eastern medicine and validated by modern science. The fine acupuncture needles interfere with nerve fibres in a way that allows the brain to stop signalling pain. Recent studies have shown that acupuncture can also have a therapeutic effect on the emotional centres…

Headache & Migraine Therapy

This is a brand new treatment to the UK designed for sufferers of chronic headaches and migraines. This treatment reduces the intensity and frequency of headaches and migraines by unlocking tight muscles and rehydrating fascia, allowing the head and neck to find equilibrium…


Dalton Wong has just released his own mini band series based on his clients amazing results at Twenty Two Training. The mini band is versatile and has several different exercises that can help tone, strengthen and improve your general health, especially for those who have a limited amount of time or space.

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