Lucinda Meade

Physical Therapist

Speciality – Physiotherapy, Acupuncture; Hypnotherapy; Face & Body Therapy

Lucinda graduated in physiotherapy from King’s College London and is expert in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal dysfunction, using a variety of soft tissue techniques. She also has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and is a qualified Acupuncturist. She believes in treating the whole person, from the matrix of the mind with its network of emotional and motor centres through to the outer body.

Together with the team, Lucinda assesses clients and offers individually tailored therapeutic programmes that deliver effective treatments to meet agreed goals. Using her physiotherapy, alongside multiple soft-tissue techniques developed over many years, as well as acupuncture and hypnotherapy, Lucinda aims to help clients make all the positive changes they want.

Lucinda Meade Physical Therapist at Twenty Two Training

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