George Ashwell

Performance Coach

Specialty: Rehabilitation + Goal Specific Training and Therapy

George is a motivated and valuable member of Twenty Two’s team. His degree in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation qualifies him in helping with rehabilitation following an injury, but he also specialises in advising on injury prevention while helping clients achieve quick-turnaround, goal-specific training.

George fuses his advanced fitness knowledge and experience with treatment know-how, allowing sessions to move freely. George has a unique perception for how the body works, and a flair for working closely with clients to achieve their goals. His success has made him a favourite for training and treatment amongst London’s young acting community.

As with his training sessions, George’s treatments are uniquely designed and never ‘standard’. His in-depth knowledge of anatomy guarantees that every stroke or stretch during massage has a definitive purpose, making every treatment highly effective. With additional expertise in Kinesio Taping, George’s treatments leave you with something that has an instant, but long-lasting effect.

George Ashwell Performance Coach at Twenty Two Training

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