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At Twenty Two, we offer our clients a lifestyle choice. We go far beyond the quick fix mentality – supporting you through your choices and help you to achieve the very best from your body. Whether you’re taking up triathlons, trying to fit exercise into a hectic work schedule, or recovering from an injury, we have the specialists to really get you moving.

Twenty Two’s tailored service offers in-house performance coaches, therapists, kinesiologists, Reiki practitioners and nutritionists, as well as yoga instructors. We develop unparalleled personal programmes in which exercise, nutrition and lifestyle are synergised to create a holistic, feel-good strategy that meets all your targets. Twenty Two supports our clients 24 hours a day; we’re by your side for the whole journey.
Dalton Wong – Founder, Twenty Two

Dalton Wong - Performance Coach at TwentyTwo Training

Dalton Wong

Dalton Wong is one of the world’s leading health and fitness experts. Dalton started his career in rehabilitation at a leading health clinic on Harley Street and now trains A-list actors specifically to transform their bodies for demanding roles.

David Hastie Physical Therapist at TwentyTwo Training

David Hastie

Physical Therapist
David’s interest in human movement and injury originated in his own active lifestyle. Playing a number of different sports, and dealing with his own injury and training concerns, has given David a unique insight into performance training and rehabilitation.

Lucinda Meade Physical Therapist at Twenty Two Training

Lucinda Meade

Physical Therapist
Lucinda graduated in physiotherapy from King’s College London and is expert in diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal dysfunction, using a variety of soft tissue techniques. She also has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and is a qualified Acupuncturist.

George Ashwell Performance Coach at Twenty Two Training

George Ashwell

Performance Coach
George is a motivated and valuable member of Twenty Two’s team. His degree in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation qualifies him in helping with rehabilitation following an injury, but he also specialises in advising on injury prevention while helping…

Becky Birthwistle Performance Coach at Twenty Two Training

Becky Birtwistle

Performance Coach
Becky is a top Performance Coach and key member of team Twenty Two, helping clients achieve their specific goals and make positive changes to their lives. Becky is a specialist in pre- and post-natal training and is passionate about health and fitness.

Jane Anderson Performance Coach at Twenty Two Training

Jane Anderson

Performance Coach
Jane is a highly successful athlete who has represented Sale Harriers, and her town and county in hurdling and long jumping. She has competed at high levels in sports as diverse as football, hockey, netball, gymnastics & Irish dancing. As no stranger to physical…

Josh Betteridge PhysicalTherapist at Twenty Two Training

Josh Betteridge

Physical Therapist
Josh has extensive experience in a variety of advanced clinical environments ranging from professional sport to chronic pain management. Specialising in soft-tissue rehabilitation combined with corrective exercise, there is no challenge Josh cannot tackle.

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