the feelgood plan

Dalton Wong’s mind and body approach to fitness, health and wellbeing can now be shared by all, with his new book The Feelgood Plan.

Rejecting fad diets and restrictive plans, The Feelgood Plan adopts an everyday attitude for a new way of eating, exercising and living well. With Dalton’s help, we can all follow the healthy body and mind plans that have worked for Hollywood stars and society’s elite.

Dalton Wong…

“Writing The Feelgood Plan was easy – it’s simply the advice I give to all my clients. It’s not possible to have a fit body without keeping it healthy, and it’s difficult to get healthy if you’re not happy. Managing a good balance between what we need and what we want isn’t hard once you feel the benefits.

I’ve tried to make The Feelgood Plan easy to incorporate into everybody’s lifestyle – we’re not all Hollywood superstars – and suggest meals and exercise regimes that are really flexible. Once you’ve given the Plan a chance, you’ll soon find that it’s just a normal part of your day – only it’s a better, healthier, fitter day!”

Try some of our
exercises yourself with the help of these videos from the Feelgood Plan.

The feelgood philosophy is simple

'When you feel good about yourself you look your best'. Learn how to achieve a happier and healthier life with Twenty Two's Dalton Wong.  Available to purchase now from Amazon.

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