Dalton Wong introduces Signature Mini-band workout

This 15-minute programme, used on Dalton’s celebrity clients including Jennifer Lawrence, Kit Harrington, Gwendoline Christie and Alice Eve, is the first of its kind to target the main problem areas: bum, thighs, stomach, legs, arms and shoulders for total body conditioning.

Dalton has designed this circuit-training programme to be the perfect addition to an existing workout regime to enhance and improve progress. The Mini-Band Workout comes complete with a fold-out, portable programme and three Mini Bands. The circuit can be completed in under 15 minutes and has been divided in to three main programmes:


This section targets the postural system. It lifts the bum, chest and pulls the shoulders back and down.


This section has been designed to melt fat, sculpt the body and increase overall tone.


This section targets the hips, bum, core and upper body, which all help to strengthen the back.

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Dalton Wong - Performance Coach at TwentyTwo Training

“My Mini-Band Workout can be done anytime, anywhere: all you need is your Mini-Band and these exercises. Add this to your existing exercise plan to enhance and improve your progress.

Dalton Wong
TwentyTwo Training



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'When you feel good about yourself you look your best'. Learn how to achieve a happier and healthier life with Twenty Two's Dalton Wong.  Available to purchase now from Amazon.

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