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Located in our private gym in West London, Twenty Two Training offers personalised training programmes, and exclusive therapies. The team at Twenty Two combine the highest levels of experience and professionalism with an innate understanding of their clients’ needs. Whether you want to change shape, boost your health, train for a specific event or rediscover your fitness after an injury, we have the specialists to make it happen.

our ethos

We embrace that everyone’s different. Some of us are naturally curvy and others of us are born more slender. While many of our clients come to us to help change their bodies, and we do, what’s really important to us is our health. We design a bespoke program that will improve your overall fitness and well-being. To help you reach your goals and stay motivated, we value teamwork, variety, and a sense of family. We train you and train with you. We love a good challenge and often build teams of trainers and clients to participate in triathlons, challenges and charity events. At the end of the day, it’s about having fun while working hard to achieve your goals. While we take what we do seriously, we also want you to enjoy the process.

what we do

Our areas of focus include:
Body transformation Body sculpting Bio mechanical correction and re-alignment Pre / post natal
Kinesiology Nutrition Holistic therapies In-house massage and therapeutic services
“Our approach isn’t just about losing weight. We offer our clients a lifestyle choice. We’ll support you through your choices and help you to achieve the very best from your body whether you’re taking up triathlons, trying to fit exercise into a hectic work schedule or recovering from an injury. We’re here to support our clients 24 hours day.” Dalton Wong – Founder

Training with Dalton and Dylan and the Twenty Two team meant I made it across the London Marathon finishing line – and in a Guinness World Record time too! Their depth of knowledge and expertise means you’re in the best possible hands. They’ll give you a training and nutrition regime that fits with you and your lifestyle, training at times and locations to suit you, making sure you never miss a session.

Andrew White – CEO, WSM Communications

Dalton will change your body. Give him and the team at Twenty Two one session and you'll feel a life changing boost to your pysche as well as your physique. From targeted sculpting to a total lifestyle and body make-over, there's no one I'd trust more.

Liz Hambelton – Beauty Director

Twenty Two have changed my body and my attitude towards exercise, nutrition and getting some balance into my life. This is bespoke personal training in the best possible hands. I walk out every time with a big smile on my face, feeling and looking the best I ever have.

Emma Strenner – Beauty Director

I’ve had to work hard to get my body into the best shape possible for my latest role, and have been training with the team at Twenty Two for the last six months. Dalton Wong keeps an eye on my overall training, nutrition and supplement needs. I also work with Dylan (Jones) on an intense strength and conditioning program to increase my lean muscle mass. The training is pretty full on so I also see George (Ashwell) to make sure I get regular soft tissue treatments and taping techniques to stay flexible and injury free.

Kit Harrington – Actor, Game of Thrones

I trained with George for 9 weeks to get into bad-ass action hero shape for Kick Ass 2. I needed to be really toned and George and the team at Twenty Two helped me get there through a quick turn-around dedicated exercise and nutrition programme.

Daniel Kaluuya – Actor

I've been working with George ahead of the next season of Game of Thrones. The guys at Twenty Two are amazing at creating personalised programmes. They also worked with me on injury prevention techniques which, given the stunts and filming schedule that I was working with, were invaluable.

Joe Dempsie – Actor, Game of Thrones

Considering I exercise for physical health, my main priority is not being thin. I like to maintain a body that is nice to live with every day, and Dalton is an expert in that field.

Alice Eve – Actress

While I obviously meet a lot of PTs, physios and fitness professionals in my job – you are, collectively and individually, the most impressive by some distance.

Kerry McKarthy – Commissioning Editor, Runners World

Whether you want a total body change, to shake up a workout that just isn’t working, to start from scratch or to shift that elusive last five pounds, Twenty Two will make it happen. Their genius isn’t just in practicing the best, and often hottest, training methods that work, it’s in getting to know you, your body and your lifestyle so that each plan is utterly bespoke – and because they do it all with a dose of emotional, nutritional and motivational support, your perfect body goal feels that much closer and easier to reach.

Katy Young – Online Beauty Editor, The Telegraph

All my life I've wanted to get into shape and could never keep a routine going. Dalton has truly changed my life. Not only am I in the best shape I've ever been in, but I truly enjoy working out and eating right for the first time. Dalton has guided me into a new healthy way of living that makes me look and feel great!

Zoe Kravitz – Actress

Dalton changed my body for a movie but taught me the skills to change my life!

Jennifer Lawrence – Actress
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