When people come into my gym they talk about holidays in two ways: sheer joy at being able to switch off for two weeks and fear about getting into a bikini.

Everybody deserves to unplug from their hectic lives, but if the stresses of home and work are replaced with not feeling comfortable when you’re away there’s potential to actually sabotage your well-earned break.

This is where the fundamental rules of The FeelGood Plan can be really helpful. I firmly believe that every day can feel like a break from the rat-race if you just take 15 minutes to put yourself first. When I tell you that 15 minutes is just 1% of your day, it doesn’t seem like that much on an indulgence does it?

But what does ‘putting yourself first’ mean?

It’s different for everybody, but it’s that thing you can do to lift your mood and create a more positive outlook. Some of my clients queue up their favourite three songs and dance madly while no one is looking, others take themselves off somewhere without any distractions and meditate. What all of them find is that by taking those 15 minutes, that tiny 1%, they feel better for the rest of the day.

If you’re tempted to embark on a crash diet to lose a certain amount of weight before you travel my advice would be to proceed with caution. If you’re depriving yourself, whether it’s your favourite foods, a food group or a certain amount of calories, your mood may take a nose-dive too.

Slow but sure wins the race. As we all know, crash diets are synonymous with ‘yo-yo’ dieting characterised by short-lived success and subsequent weight gain.

If you have a few weeks to go before you head out on holiday, be realistic. Don’t aim to lose inches and weight off the scale, think about doing the things that will make you feel good in the run up to your holiday and help you slip into that two-piece feeling confident.

Small changes can often elicit big results, so don’t make big, drastic changes that might set you up to fail and send you off on holiday with feelings of failure.

If you want to eat healthily in the run-up to your holiday my advice would be to write out a weekly meal plan – and stick to it.

Just the act of writing out your meals in advance will help you eat better for you and also take a note of how you feel after you’ve eaten. If you feel sluggish after red meat or a starchy dinner, then you know that might not be something you should be eating every day.

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