It’s been a really busy time at Twenty Two Training, but I’ve found some time in the schedule to get out and spread the word about The FeelGood Plan. It’s always a real highlight to see people’s reaction to the messages in the book and also to hear the questions they may have about to put the themes and ideas into practice.

I was a guest speaker at Investec, the asset management bank, and I had a great time meeting and speaking to the team over there about how to incorporate The FeelGood Plan into their busy calendars. When I’m speaking to clients one of the biggest challenges they feel they face is incorporating healthy into into busy, working days, but it’s easier than you think.

The team at Investec really embraced The FeelGood Plan and even had special bookmarks made, featuring the company’s zebra logo with page references for the sections the audience would find most helpful. We talked a lot about portion control and how to make the best meals for your body’s needs – they even made some of these up including a delicious plate of sushi for post-workout fuel, a grilled chicken salad for a weekend treat and some roasted tofu for extra brain power.

We also talked about snacks and portion control, which was a topic that came up during my talk at The Glamour Beauty Festival, in association with Fiat, at the Saatchi Gallery. It was a busy weekend of talks, presentations and how-tos hosted by Glamour Magazine featuring the likes of make-up artist Lisa Eldridge, hairdresser George Northwood and model David Gandy so it was an honour to be on stage sharing the The FeelGood Plan.

I spoke on the Sunday and we had a really interesting Q&A session. The main focus of the questions was how to eat and drink in the real world and we talked about strategically planning snacks and meals to make sure you stay on track. What’s really important, for me, to make sure everyone comes away with is that it’s key to set realistic goal and objectives and make being healthy, whether that’s going to the gym or eating well, something that’s fun and achievable. Otherwise it becomes yet another stress that we have to contend with.

The Glamour Beauty Festival was a wonderful event to be a part of and it was a real honour to be involved, and a pleasure to meet the Glamour readers and to them about The FeelGood Plan. Thank you to the editor in chief, Jo Elvin, for supporting the book and for asking me to be involved.

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