After launching The FeelGood Plan in the UK in January I headed to New York for the book’s American release. It was a whirlwind week with a packed schedule, but it was so much sharing the message of the The FeelGood Plan with a whole new audience.

I never tire of speaking to people about the messages that you’ll find inside the book, and it was a real pleasure to see how excited the American press were about the book.

While we were in Manhattan we met with journalists from paradecom,, Metro NYC, InStyle, Seventeen, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, US Weekly and Well + Good NYC. It was a lot to pack into such a short trip, but we filmed videos, did a lot of interviews and were busy all over social media talking all things The FeelGood Plan.

In and amongst promotion for the book I made sure to check out my favourite hotspots. When I’m in Manhattan I make a point of always getting my morning coffee at Stumptown Coffee I take my coffee pretty seriously and I like to experiment with and try new beans all the time, but I’m always guaranteed a delicious morning brew when I go here. Next time you’re in New York check it out – they even do tastings on Tuesday mornings at the Greenwich Village store if you’re looking for a signature blend.

If I can I like to pick up my lunch from Hu Kitchen They have a great philosophy on eating and every single thing on the menu is completely gluten-free – plus there’s a lot of choice, and it’s all delicious.

Manhattan means Jonathan Waxman restaurants and Barbuto and Jams are my two favourites – I may have dined there more than a few times on my trip…

As with any travel I always like to factor in some gym time. It helps with the jetlag and the time change and it’s a nice, invigorating break when the schedule is as packed as mine was. Make it as much as part of your trip as packing your suitcase and you’ll feel like you hit the ground running when you arrive.

I went to the Tone House which is a 2000 square foot space that instead of being packed with treadmills and other cardio machines is fitted with TRX, training ropes, you name it. It’s a great place to get a really good workout and will definitely make you forget about the time difference.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a real passion of mine so I headed to Renzo and Marcelo and kept up with my training.

Check out my instagram feed for the snaps I took while I was there. You’ll see a few of my meals, some of the sightseeing I did and there are also some behind-the-scenes snippets from some of the filming I did while I was out there. And my insta-feed is where you’ll also find a picture of the US edition of the book – see if you can spot the difference.

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