New Year’s Resolutions. You want my honest opinion? I think they just set you up to fail. Be honest, have you stuck to the one(s) you set yourself for 2016… I fail to see the point in setting goals to give something up, if it’s unrealistic to stick to it. Failing doesn’t make anyone feel good. My thoughts? Give up giving up.

You don’t have to deprive yourself or restrict yourself of anything; it’s possible to be healthy and have a life. That means you can say ‘yes’ to burger, chocolate and nights out. Don’t try to live without them if you’ll just end up craving them more than ever.

Instead focus on the things that make you feel good, centred and happy. I truly believe it only takes one per cent of your day, that’s just 15 minutes, of putting yourself first. If you spend time thinking about what you want and the things that make you feel good you’re more likely to make better choices. Doing the right thing for your body makes you feel good – isn’t that better than any resolution?

But if it were that simple you would have done it already.

If you regularly get headaches, suffer with bad sleep or feel bloated after meals then use the rule of ‘one per cent’ to listen to your body and put together the pieces of what you’re doing that might be causing these problems. From there you can begin to make the small changes that’ll have you feeling good all the time.

What’s your one per cent? To begin with it might be sitting down and planning meals that you enjoy, and also make you feel nourished and energised, not craving, bloated and lethargic.

I truly believe these small changes are what it takes to get big results. It’s scientifically proven that to achieve a big goal is to scale it up slowly. Allow yourself small ‘wins’ on the way to achieving your goals, whether that’s to lose weight or get fitter. The ‘wins’ along the way will keep you motivated and allow you to track your progress. Once you see how small choices have a big impact on your body you’ll have the key to feeling good and feeling better and better. It’s also a great way to kick-start your willpower.

Don’t set yourself goals that are unattainable. Set yourself up for a ‘win’ every time and the rest will follow.


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