At Twenty Two Training we have some amazing clients who come and train with us.

I’ve known and trained Nigel Slater for over 10 years when we started our training when he was a patient at an integrated medical clinic on Harley Street. One of our main focuses over the years has been postural work and making sure that he moves enough to counteract all that delicious food he makes and writes about. Posture is a key component to our training, as he needs it for his various TV programs. I have been fortunate enough that he followed me through various businesses and finally to TwentyTwo Training. Nigel is such an amazing brand ambassador to The Feelgood Plan, as he knows how to enjoy delicious and nutritious food.

Dalton Wong and Nigel Slater

A great friend in Los Angeles introduced me to to Alice Eve and I’ve been training with her and her family in the five years since. My main objective was to help her with training and nutrition over the Christmas holidays for Star Trek Into Darkness. Alice is such a dedicated client to her trade and also her training. We trained over the Christmas period and had only Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – that’s dedication! She looked amazing in the film and I’m so proud that we continue to work together. Alice’s program is all about keeping her flexible, strong and making sure that her body is resilient enough for all her film roles.

Dalton Wong and Alice Eve

Kit is always a pleasure to train and we have been working together since his film debut Pompeii. It was a true TwentyTwo Training team effort to get him in such amazing shape with regards to his strength, nutrition and soft tissue program. It has been great to continue to work with him for Game of Thrones and all his other TV and Film projects. Kit is a great example on how he incorporates all the principles of The Feelgood Plan into his daily life.

Dalton Wong and Kit Harrington

Gwendoline Christie is a relatively new addition to the TwentyTwo Training family. Her role in Game of Thrones and various film projects is extremely demanding; she has to be able to fight and ride. Our main focus is making sure she is strong, stable yet at the same time looks amazing on the red carpet. The team and I have been able to support her with her training, treatment and nutrition advice from wherever she is in the world. It’s truly a pleasure to have her train with us.

Dalton Wong and Gwendoline Christie

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