So… My first venture into the world of publishing will finally see the light of day in January 2016, and I am incredibly excited. And, yes, a bit nervous. It’s called The Feelgood Plan and I hope as many people as possible choose to adopt the ideas I’ve written about and find themselves feeling better and living better!

It’s a bit scary as, yes, it’s another ‘health’ book. I really don’t want to get put into the same category as those fad diets and unsustainable ways of eating that are just aimed to get you to lose a dress size, or cinch in your belt a notch, for a month or two – only to put all the weight back on again (and, sometimes, more besides). So, I’ll get started now and see if I can convince you that The Feelgood Plan is on your side, and can help you to be healthy for a good, long time!


Before I begin (are you stitting comfortably?), maybe I should tell you that my Dad died of a heart attack when I was ten years old. My Mum was worried that his eating habits and lack of exercise was the cause, and so encouraged me to think about my lifestyle through my teenage years – and so my love of exercise and healthy eating was born.

Working with my clients made me realize just how many people drop in and out of exercise regimes, of healthy eating phases and of treating themselves well. While I can help my clients during the times I work with them – and I do my best to instill a lifelong ethos, rather than just a focus while they’re with me – there’s a whole bunch of people out there who, I hope, might benefit from the same message.

And so the basis for The Feelgood Plan came about. My intention is that everyone can use the book to create their own long-term approach to a lifestyle that keeps them fit, healthy and – oh yes – happy! The key problem with the no-carb, no-sugar, no-fun diets is that we all lose the ability to stick with them because they make us miserable!

The point of life, is to live – so we need to find a way to help us stay alive (healthy) and feel alive (enjoy ourselves).

So, The Feelgood Plan starts with a 12-week plan that needs you to focus for just 15 minutes a day. Too good to be true? Well, probably, but that’s just 15 minutes of you giving your body a bit of exercise and I reckon that pretty much everyone does that already. The 15min can also be used to set time aside to work on your stress levels, plan your food for the next week or just to enjoy some me time. In the book, I just give you some tips on making those 15 minutes work really well for you – beginning to shape up, slim down or tone the bits of your body that you’d like to see change a bit.

And then there’s eating. I love eating. I love food. I love burgers. There, that shocked you, didn’t it? And Kate Faithfull-Williams, my lovely co-writer, claims to have all manner of ‘bad’ habits, including chocolate, wine and lounging around! But it really can be easy to gently amend some of your menu choices – and if you go haywire sometime, you’re only ever one meal away from getting back on track!

Our approach is to give you ideas to make your favourite foods healthier – not to get rid of them… Does it sound as though this might actually be a health and lifestyle approach that you could actually adopt, and stick to? I really do hope so as it’s been quite a stretch (no pun intended) to make myself enter this publishing arena – it’s a long way from my own comfort zone!

I really can’t finish this blog without mentioning the vital third element – keep yourself happy! You need to be happy to be healthy, and you need to treat yourself well. So, in my plan, giving yourself a little treat, taking the time for a massage or just sitting quietly is a truly important part of your new lifestyle approach. It’s not always possible in a busy life, with the demands of work, kids, pets and everything else but you should put yourself first every now and again, and everyone in your life will feel the benefit.

Does it all make sense? I hope so, because there we are – The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier and Slimmer in 15 Minutes a Day!

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