It’s a really exciting time at Twenty Two Training – we’re launching our new website, we’ve been honoured with a great ‘Gym of the Year’ award and my book, The Feelgood Plan: Happier, Healthier and Slimmer, will be published in January (more of that another time).

We love keeping moving forward at Twenty Two, there are always new developments in fitness and training that we like to assess and include if we think they’re worthwhile. There’s loads of stuff that we can easily pass over – we don’t particularly like the faddy diets that seem to come out every couple of months (I’m not really looking forward to plenty more strange eating advice after the inevitable Christmas blowout), but there are a few good bits of information every now and then.

Ultimately though, I will always advise the same three core principles:

  • exercise to achieve your own goals: is it weight, is it shape or is it fitness (or a combination) that you’re looking for? Unless you work to your own, realistic targets, you’ll soon lose focus.
  • eat well: choose good foods that fill you up, boost your immune system and make you healthy from the inside out. Allow yourself some treats though; there’s no pleasure in just cutting out everything you like!
  • take time out: make time to enjoy yourself, whether it’s watching a film, having a deep tissue massage or lying in a deep bath, you need to give your mind and body a chance to recover from the stresses of everyday life.

How did we get onto that? I was supposed to be talking about our new developments at Twenty Two, not the worst excesses of bizarre weight-loss plans. But first, let me celebrate our award – thank you Tatler for selecting Twenty Two Training for the best ‘Being Mindful’ gym. This is the best news for me as it highlights the fact that we place equal importance on treating your body with respect, on keeping your mind healthy and on the ‘more traditional’ gym element of getting fit and in shape. This is what those lovely people at Tatler had to say about us:

One-to-one sessions at this slick mews-house gym might make your thighs slimmer, your tummy flatter and your bottom shapelier, but training with founder Dalton Wong doesn’t stop there. He’s also introduced something called Combination Therapy: acupuncture sessions, lots of remedial deep-tissue massage and hypnotherapy. It’ll make you a nicer person – less likely to collapse in angry tears when you’re pushed to do one more set of crab walks with a resistance band around your ankles – and it improves your workout too, releasing cramp-prone muscles and emotional blocks. If your diet needs some work, Wong will refer you to his in-house nutritionist. If your flexibility leaves a lot to be desired, he’ll pack you off for a class with yogi Jane Kersel. He’ll even tell you which chakras are out of balance and work to realign them through specific exercises. For once, ‘360-degree approach’ is not an overstatement.

I really love that last sentence – as I’ve said somewhere else, I do worry about the use of ‘holistic’ as it can be over-used but I really feel it is properly suited to our work at Twenty Two Training. As Tatler notices, as many of our experts as you need will work together to help you get your body and mind in the best shape ever!

And that’s not the only change for us – we have a shiny new website all ready to celebrate our work and let you know everything we have to offer. Our therapies have grown so much over the past couple of years so that I’m confident that we can help get you on track, recover from any injuries and make sure your body is relaxed and ready for the pressures of your everyday life. Once you’re ready for the next steps, we have the best gym to move you forward – fitter and happier than ever!

For me, 2016 is looking to be a good new year – new website, new book, new clients, and I can’t wait to get to work! Join me and let’s make it the best year ever, together!

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